Live While You Build – Location

When you are getting your new house built do you carry on living in your existing house or move into a rented house.?

We have only ever built new houses when we have relocated for work, so its always been easist to sell where we live and move into rental accommodation close to work, and the new house location.

Here are some advantages in selling up and renting near the site of your new house:

  1. Selling your existing house can release some cash which will help reduce the mortgages on the land and construction.
  2. You won’t need a bridging loan if you can’t sell.
  3. The kids can start going to the new school or childcare earlier.
  4. Its easier to check on the new home build often.

Obviously if you are still living with your parents. . . or could move back in with them, that can be the cheapest solution; although it may not be the most conveniet location


Have you found it better to avoid having a rental property?

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