Off The Grid In Little River

Is living off the grid realistic?

To find out I recently visited an open day of this “Off The Grid’ House in Little River, Victoria.

Emma House 1
All the electricity for this large 38 square 4 bedroom house are generated from solar panels on the garage roof.emma House 3

The 30 north facing panels can generate up to 5.5 kilowatt.

The power is stored in a 48v battery bank that can provide around 22 kilowatt hours per day.

The Battery Bank is a little bit bigger than a standard chest freezer. . . much smaller than I expected.

On the October day I visited the battery bank was already 98% charged at 10.00am, so already recovered from the overnight power use.

Want to find out more? . . .  then visit this link:

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  1. Emma Sutcliffe

    Thanks for coming along Brian! Great to see you there – we had over 60 people visit later in the day, so you definitely missed the rush.

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