Bushfire Preparation – Protective Clothing

singletThis is a singlet . . . . . it is not protective clothing!

Yet every year (including this week, December 2015) I see on the news someone fighting a bushfire around their property wearing a singlet and shorts.

If you build your new house in an area at bushfire risk a singlet is not going to protect you from:

  • Burns from Flames, Sparks and Embers;
  • Extreme heat leading to Heat Exhaustion;
  • Smoke, damaging you lungs.

Even if you plan to leave you may get trapped by a fast moving bushfire . . . . so it’s best to have proper protection for everyone in your household.

Protective Clothing

Here is some advice on what your protective clothing should include:

  • Heavy cotton pants, for example denim jeans;
  • Long-sleeved shirt (made out of natural fibres such as cotton or wool);
  • Strong leather work boots with thick woollen or cotton socks;
  • Leather gloves;
  • Hard hat or wide-brimmed hat;
  • Glasses or goggles to protect your eyes against smoke, embers and debris in the air;
  • Leather gloves;
  • A face mask to protect your mouth or nose.

Make sure everything is loose fitting and made from all natural fibres.

It’s even better if you can have a natural fibre coat or overall as well. . . . Just check out what the firemen wear.

For more information check your state bushfire service website.