Don’t Just Leave It To The Independent Inspector!

bad brickworkIt is quite common for people getting a new house built to get an Independent Building Inspector.

I don’t think that means that you should just leave is all to someone else.

For instance if you see some dodgy looking brickwork, like this photo, its far better to voice your concerns as soon as you see it.

The sooner you let people know the sooner something can be done about it.

It is relatively quick and easy to knock down a few courses of dodgy brickwork.

Knocking down the bricks for the entire house, close to the end of the build, is a different matter!

The same principle applies to every stage of the build.

You may not be an expert. . . . but if it looks wrong to your untrained eye – It probably is wrong!


Thanks to Mowbary Arch for the photograph.