What Is The PCI?

Well PCI stands for Practical Completion Inspection. . . . but what does that mean?

Practical completion is when the building work is all but completed, and the house meets the requirements for an Occupation Certificate.

There may be minor works required and some of the appliances may not be installed but you should be able to get a good idea of the final finish.

pci-coverThe Practical Completion Inspection is your chance to identify all the items that need to be attended to, preferably before the handover!

The normal process is the building supervisor and client will go around the houses and agree on a list of items that need to be attended to.

Its always useful to have a checklist like the one in the PCI Guide, that I sell from this site, to make sure you don’t miss things

Following the PCI there is usually a short gap of around  two weeks for the builder to attend to the issues.

This may be extended if there are a lot of issues that need attention particularly as the house must be habitable.

The builder has a contractual obligation to repair all defects, and most builders would attempt to do complete them before handover.

Any items not attended to should be attended to during the maintenance period, which typically runs for 6 months after handover