Decks, Balconys, and Safety

Last weekend this attractive looking balcony collapsed killing 2 people and injuring 17

For the full story check out the following link: The Age

With the party season now underway its worth thinking about whether your balcony/deck is up to the situation.


You may think that you are just inviting a few friends round……. but the average adult weighs over 75Kilos,

So if you are having 20 guests around for a party their combined weight will be over 1.5 tonne, that’s heavier than my car.

Get them to group together for a photo and all that weight is in a small area.

If they start dancing there are dynamic forces as well.

What can be done?

Well if you are planning a deck in the future make sure that it’s properly designed and constructed.

There is no room for “That looks strong enough….No worries”.

If you have an existing deck then check that its up to scratch:

  • No rot in the timbers
  • No corrosion
  • No loose fittings
  • Make sure the wall bolts holding the structure against the walls are secure.
  • Handrails are secure
  • Maximum spacing between balustrade rails should be 100mm

Before a party its a good idea to stop too many people going on a balcony, so put a couple of tables out there,

A table loaded with food might seem heavy but it will still be lighter than 4 or 5 adults.