Round or Slimline Tanks?

These days many states require you to have rainwater storage , unless you have access to recyled water.

But which type of tank will be best

In addition to the standard round tanks there are a whole range of alternative rainwater storage tanks available.

One popular shape is the slimline tank which will fit in a narrow space. I have even seen a row of them used as a boundary fence.

Before you make a choice it could be worth thinking about finding out if you can find room for a round tank.


Round tanks cost less because they are easier to make and use less material.

Typically the cost increase for a slimline tank over a round tank of the same volume is at least 50%.

A comparison from my local builders merchants:

    • $1,200 for a Slimline 3,000 Litre tank
    • $800 for a Round 3,000 Litre tank

If you haven’t the width to fit a 3000L tank you could perhaps look at getting two round 2,000Litre tanks for a similar price as the 3,000Litre Slimline tank.

Other advantages of the round tanks are they are a lot stronger, and easier to clean out.


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