Pebble Gardens

Stone Mulches, Dry River Bed, Desert Gardens, they are all variations in having a garden covered with stones rather than having soil or an organic mulch.

It’s popular as a low maintenance finish to your new house garden.

I have used the technique a few times including back in 2006 when I went the Dry River Bed look.

Here is what you should know:

  • Give the whole area a good dose of weed killer first.
  • Put weed mat on the soil first, not plastic sheet. You want the soil to ‘breath’ and have water seep through to get to the roots of any plants you put in.
  • Don’t skimp on the stone, you need a thick layer to make sure you cover all the soil.
  • Don’t think its ‘No Maintenance’ It will probably be relatively weed free for the first couple of years than dirt and seeds will get blown into the gaps. If you don’t then keep on top of the weeds the whole area can start to look scruffy, like this photo below!


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