Should You Use Yor Own Building Inspector?

Although I give lots of opinions on all aspects of building a house, including checking quality, I would never say “Don’t employ your own Building Inspector.”

I’m very experienced in the construction industry and have done lots of research so I’m happy doing it myself. A lot of people wouldn’t have the same level of knowledge and might be happier getting a more experienced person in.

A good inspector is going to charge around $400 for an inspection, so an inspection at every stage is going to cost around $2,000. . . . Not a lot for peace of mind when you are paying for a $200,000, or more, new house.

Be Involved

Even if you employ an Inspector they are only going to be going round at the completion of each Stage with several weeks between visits. A lot can happen in that time.

If you do some research and visit regularly you might see things that are covered up before the Inspector gets on site. I managed to stop things being done on my last build which would have caused delays if left unchallenged until the Stage Payment was due.

I would also say its well worth visiting the site with the Inspector and asking him about what he is looking at. He may also give you a different opinion on something the builder has told you.


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