Can You Build On The Boundary?

I have previously talked about Setbacks but with certain limitations it is possible to build on the boundary.Generally  rules about building on a boundary apply to all buildings constructed on or within 150mm of a side boundary.

Typical Rules

Walls of a building including carports can be constructed to the side or rear boundary of a block provided:

  • The maximum length of wall on a shared allotment boundary, with an adjoining property, must not exceed 10m plus 25% of the remaining length of the shared boundary.
  • The maximum average height of a wall or carport on or within 150mm to a side or rear boundary must not exceed 3.0m and the maximum height must not exceed 3.6m.

NB If the neighbouring block has a wall on the boundary that exceeds these dimensions then your wall  can be constructed to the same height and width of the wall it will abuts.

As rules vary for different council areas check your councils website so you are sure of what rules apply to your block.

For more information about where you can build on your block see see Building Envelope.



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  1. JamesS

    Even if you do want to build your wall along the boundary, remember that nothing should overhang the boundary…Many people forget that the eaves, guttering, plumbing, etc all project out beyond the wall. You can build internal/hidden gutters but they can be problematic and prone to leaking unless they are designed and built right.

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