Noisy Pipes

There are three common types of noise in plumbing systems:

Rattling When Water Is Turned On

Reasons for this type of sound are:

  • If the system is new or just been altered it could be air in the pipes.
  • With hydronic heating, or some solar systems it could  be steam in the pipes.
  • Pipes that are not well fixed and can move.

See Rattling or Thumping Pipes for suggested cures.

Whistling or Moaning When Water Is Running

This is known as Harmonic Vibration. Its usually due to  high water pressure combined with  partially open valves. Sometimes it can also be caused by pipes that are too small and/or too many bends.

Turning the Stop tap down a bit can reduce the problem.

Banging When Water Is Turned Off

A single sharp bang, sometimes followed by a shuddering vibration, may occur when a suddenly closed valve forces flowing water to stop abruptly. For example when a washing machine finishes filling.

You should take action to Stop Water Hammer as soon as possible. This is because each time it occurs the pipes are being subjected to the fatigue of  several waves of high pressure which can result in leaks in pipes and fixtures.


See Settling In for more information about when you move into your new house.


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