Before You Move In

Once you get the keys for your new house you will probably want to move in straight away.

Here are a few reasons why it’s best to stage your move:

    • Time to get window fittings such as blinds and curtains installed without furniture in the way.
    • There may be things that have been missed that need attending to. It was only when I started putting up light fittings I realised one of the light was missing.
    • Making sure that fences and gates are in place and secure if you have pets. Its not just having the fences in place, but making sure the dog can’t squeeze or dig under them!
    • Have the television aerials fitted, and if you want cable TV arrange for that to be installed.
    • Get the phone line/internet connected.
    • Make sure the water, electricity and gas are connected.
    • Paint any feature walls.
    • Opportunity to get carpets fitted if they aren’t in the overall package, without furniture in the way.
    • Paint the garage floor . . .easy to do with an empty garage and you will be glad you have done it.
    • Install the washing hoist.
    • Lay gravel in any areas that you need to get to that haven’t got a path. This will stop you bringing mud into the house.
    • Get a post box and number installed and check mail is redirected before you move out of your existing home.

What I did was move in myself with a single bed and put curtains up.

This made the house look lived in while I did those jobs around the place.

After a week or so we were ready for the big move!


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