Is Grey Water Re-Use Worthwhile?


What is Grey Water?

Grey Water includes all the waste water from the house with the exception of toilet waste. (Black Water)

It can includes water from; Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Sink, Wash Basin, and Shower.

A basic grey water reuse scheme sending washing machine water using a two way diverter valve to a perforated hose will cost less than $100.  A top-of-the-range system, taking all the grey water, with treatment and pumps can cost $2-4,000.


  • It’s available all year round whether it rains or not.
  • A basic system is inexpensive.


  • You are not supposed to use grey water on root crop plants in your veggie plots because of bacterial contamination.
  • You shouldn’t store grey water as it is likely to go Septic and smell.
  • A lot of grey water contains too many nutrients for native plants.
  • Many common domestic soaps are high in sodium which can cause soil problems with long term use.


Because of its disadvantages I really regard grey water as a last resort rather than a main garden watering system.

If you have a veggie plot, or a lawn, one of the more basic systems will help you in times of drought, so I wouldn’t go for one of the top of the range systems.

If you are intending to use grey water make sure you use an eco friendly laundry liquid such as Earth Choice.


A better alternative is to make sure you get the right size of rainwater tank so follow this link: Rainwater Tank Size