Builders Excuses

Lets face it, building isn’t always easy. Each house has its own problems and the builders have to deal with the weather.

Things do go wrong . . .  so the measure of a good builder is how they resolve the problems.

Here are some excuses you shouldn’t have to hear. . . .  together with some suggested responses from me.

“That’s the way we always do it” – Response “Well why did you do it differently in the show house?’

“You don’t understand.” – even “You’re a women you wouldn’t understand.” – Response – “I didn’t think you needed to be a brain surgeon to get a job as a builder, so explain it to me.”

“The Regulations say its got to be like that.” – “Response “Show Me the Regulation”  This one was tried on me.  After the Site Supervisor heard my response he said “OK it will be fixed tomorrow.”

“The delay is due to the weather” – Response  – “As the standard contract requires you to make allowance for bad weather you had better show me the records the weather has been worse than usual.”

“We build them outside in all weathers – not in cosy factories” – Response – “I thought you were an experienced builder familiar with the problems of working on site”

You can’t get good tradies around here, so quality suffers. – Response – “You contracted to build to that quality so it sounds to me you are just trying to save money by not paying the going rate, and/or not supervising them properly.”

What excuses have you heard?


Too many excuses and it could be worth getting your own   Building Inspector  involved