E-bay Flat pack Furniture

ebay flatpackRecently my wife ‘volunteered’ me to assemble a flat pack desk that a friend had bought on E-Bay.

The friend had given up after a couple of hours.

“Don’t worry,” my wife said, “It will only take Brian around half an hour as he has assembled lots of flat pack furniture.”

Well after around half an hour looking at the partially assembled desk and the very unhelpful instructions I had to take the whole thing apart.

Next there was about 90 minutes of concentrated effort punctuated with short bursts of profanity each time I realised I had made a mistake.

Finally the finished desk emerged.

What I now know

  • Never buy Flat pack furniture from E bay. I will be sticking with Ikea in future.
  • Next time it’s suggested I help with a friends furniture assembly I am going to suffer from a sprained wrist until the whole thing is forgotton.