The Wonderful Benefits of Growing Plants Indoors

Guest post by Laura Bennet

The environment has a huge impact on someone’s well-being.

When you think of yourself looking at a picturesque view of the mountainside or a beautiful wide garden, you consider yourself being in a calm and serene place.

Living in a big and loud city can sometimes be exhausting.

However, when you come home and look at all those green and colourful plants in your driveway, your day gets better.

Tending to plants and flowers in your backyard can be a form of relaxation after a busy week.

Having one or many of those little green living things inside your home can be a great addition to your interior. A pot of flowers on your coffee table can give the whole living room more life.

But plants inside your home are not just accessories. When you know the many health benefits of having plants indoors, you might just raid your backyard garden and use plants to redecorate your home.

To encourage you to put plants in every nook of your home, consider the following good things indoor plants can give you.

Indoor Plants as Air Purifier

Even children know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

Having plants inside your home is like having your own air purifier, no expenses paid.

Plants are considered as nature’s first air purifier and you can take advantage of that in your own home.

They remove the toxins and contaminants in the air and can prevent your home from having indoor air pollution. According to a NASA research, plants indoors reduce up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds in just 24 hours.

Putting some green plants inside your home to act as air purifier will certainly give you a healthier and fresher air indoors.

This will reduce your risk of having health problems like stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory infections. You can also plant tomatoes in your kitchen to have a fresh supply while reducing air pollutants whenever you cook.

Indoor Plants as Natural Humidifier

Aside from giving off oxygen, plants also release moisture vapor as part of the photosynthetic process.

This increases the air humidity around the plants.

Putting plants inside your room to act as a natural humidifier can save you money from buying a humidifier machine and can also give you a lot of health benefits.

It softens the feel of a room, minimizes dry air and reduces airborne dust levels. This will help you avoid having coughs, itchy eyes, dry throat and runny nose.

You can add Boston fern as one of your living room ornaments and take advantage of its ability as a great air humidifier.

Plants Provide Calmness

Can you remember a time when you were sick and someone brought you flowers?

Flowers do make you feel better, and even better when in a pot and alive.

There is just a way with flowers and plants that improve your mood all the time.

Having a pot of that green living thing in your workspace gives you calmness throughout a busy schedule and makes you more productive.

Looking at and growing plants can also reduce stress and help you relax. Plants are considered mood enhancers that produce optimism and positive energy, thus, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Indoor Plants as a Natural Life Hack

There are a lot of benefits in having plants indoors.

Some plants act as natural humidifiers or air purifiers and there are plants that can help you improve focus and memory.

Certain plants can even make you more efficient at work or while studying.

Having plants around while you bury yourself in homework actually improves concentration.

Studies also show that having the smell of plants and herbs like mint early in the morning can improve your memory and brain function.

Having a plant like mint on your bedside table or in the window in your room can be your natural life hack.


With Plants inside your home you derive a lot of health benefits.

Having plants in every corner of your home can be your way to a more healthy, natural and safe indoor environment for you and your family.

Did these health benefits encourage you to start thinking about putting little pieces of Mother Earth inside your home now?

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