Electrical – Rough In

‘Rough In’ is the installation of the electrical cables, and conduits before the insulation and plasterboard are fixed.Electrical plates

It includes installing the mounting plates and boxes which will be used to fix the power outlets and light switches.

This is also a good time to install data cables.


Here are some things to look out for:

  • Cables in the ceiling should be clipped high enough so that they are above the insulation (this is to stop them overheating)
  • Any cable that has to pass through a timber frame member should go through a hole drilled in the centre to protect from later plasterboard fixings.
  • Cable runs in walls should  be either vertical or horizontal (something to remember when you are drilling walls after the house is built)
  • grommetWiring grommets (see photo on right) are used to protect the cable as it passes any sharp metal edges (eg switch boxes or steel frames)
  • Proper wire anchoring. The wires should be attached to wall studs to secure them. The first clip no further than 100mm from a fitting and then around 300mm thereafter.
  • Check power outlets, lights, and switch points are in the locations that you have asked for.
  • Are power outlet and switch heights consistent. Typically, power outlets, are 100mm above the floor and switches are 1200mm from the floor unless otherwise specified (e,g higher power outlets if you are planning for wheelchair accessibility)


NB I am not an electrician so this may not be a complete list. . . . if you have any suggestions please leave a comment!