Troubleshooting Taps

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

tapWater is the most essential resource that humans have and when we can’t get it we tend to stress out a little.

This Flow Chart below shows you some initial checks.

The first thing you need to do is check if the tap that isn’t working is the only one on the property with an issue.

If it is just the one tap, the issue is probably fairly simple.



For anything other than minor plumbing, such as changing a washer, Australian Law requires you to use a registered plumber such as : TRK Group, plumbing professionals servicing moonee ponds.

Here are some information about why water isn’t coming out of your tap and what to do about them.

Tap Washer Needs Replacing

Whether the pipe is dripping orand won’t work at all, the problem can be as simple as a washer needing to be replaced.

If you are confident you can isolate the tap, unscrew the tap head and swap out the existing washer with a fresh one.

If the problem is not fixed then it may just be beyond your expertise and you should seek some professional help.

The Isolation Valve (Stop Tap)

The water may not be running due to the fact that you or another member of the household has turned off the isolation valve for some reason and then forgotten to turn it back on (maybe while they were replacing the washers in the taps).

You can usually find the isolation valve near your water meter.

You’ve Been Cut Off

For some reason or another the water company may have disconnected your residence.

This can be down to a simple mistake, but you should check that your bills are up to date and that the water supply company has received your latest payments.

This problem can usually be remedied with a simple phone call to your water supplier.

Debris In Pipes

Sometimes corrosion can become lodged in the piping and then dirt and other debris can build up and block the water from getting through to your taps.

To fix this problem, the obstruction needs to be removed by flushing the system.

Pipes Are Leaking

Another thing that can cause the water to stop running is a breach in the pipes.

This can occur because the pipes have rusted, split or are just simply too old and need replacing.

This is especially likely to be the case if you have noticed leaking outside or a drop in water pressure recently.

Frozen Pipes (Unlikely unless you live in a mountain area of Victoria, Tasmania or New South Wales)

If the weather is around or below 0 degrees celsius for several days the problem could simply be frozen pipes.

You can try to remedy this problem using a fan heater over the exposed sections of piping until water flow returns.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, there may be water frozen in the pipes underground and you may just have to wait until it thaws naturally.


If you are unable to find the cause, you should check with your neighbours to see if they are experiencing similar problems, because if they are there may be a larger issue.

Always keep in mind that if you find yourself feeling out of your depth, or the problem isn’t just a simple fix, you should always cover yourself by using a licensed plumber.

We hope that you found this article helpful!