The Forced Outdoors – 5 Tips For Avoiding Being Locked Outside Your House

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

There is nothing quite on the level of being locked out of your home.

Depending if you live alone or not, this could mean waiting outside your house for hours on end, waiting for another housemate or family member to come home, or worst of all – calling an expensive locksmith to come and remedy the problem.

So you’re not left out in the cold, we’ve put together 5 tips that you can adhere to to avoid being locked out of your house ever again.

Get a spare key cut

This may seem obvious to most, but the more surefire way to making sure that you don’t get locked out of your house is to get a spare key cut.

Some people keep this key in a pot plant outside your house or under the welcome mat home, but perhaps this might not be good idea as this could be the first place someone would look.

Brian much prefers to use a combination key safe, and keeps the combination in his phone so he doesn’t forget it

However, if you do get locked out of your house and you need to call some locksmiths in Melbourne, having had a spare key already cut will limit the amount of effort and stress you will have to endure after the event.

Keep a key at a trusted person’s house

Once you have got a spare key cut, if you don’t want to keep this key on the premises of your home, a good idea is to keep it at a trusted family or friend’s house.

That way, if you do get locked out of your house for any reason, you can promptly call up this trusted person and get them to deliver the key or you can go and get it from them.

This is a safer option than having a spare key on the grounds of your home.

Have a designated ‘key spot’

One of the best ways to not get locked out of your house is to employ some effective prevention methods!

Make sure you have a designated ‘key spot’, for example on a hook right by the door, or in a dish that is on your bedside table.

Each and every time you come home, be sure to place your house key in this spot, and this will dramatically decrease your chance of losing the key or leaving home without it.

Become an organised person

Becoming an organised person is another great preventative measure that you can engage in to mitigate the chance of you becoming locked outside your house.

Each time, before you leave the house, do a mental check: keys, wallet, phone, diary, and any other belongings you may need to have on you that day.

Once you start these sorts of organised behaviours, it will only seem natural to continue them.

Don’t let one of the most annoying afflictions ever affect you again!

Make sure that each time you leave the house you do a mental check of everything you need for the day ahead.

What’s more, ensure you get a spare key cut, and leave it in a smart and safe place – whether this be on the premises of our home or at trusted family or friend’s residence.

Lastly, it’s always a great idea to have a designated ‘key spot’, as this will mean your key has a home, mitigating the chance of ever losing it.