Don’t Hide a Key . . . Get a Key Safe

Have you ever forgotten your keys?

I have! . . . Sometimes its been as soon as I have closed the door.

Other times its when I have got home from a long day at work.

How do You Get In

Wait for your partner to come home/

Have a friendly neighbour who has a key?

I hope you don’t hide a key in the garden!

Most casual thieves will be looking for stones or garden ornaments that may chide a key

The Key Safe Alternative

Since I got one of these key safes everything has been a lot easier.

Typically they cost around $50 plus a couple of strong bolts to fix into the brickwork.

Just fasten it securely to the wall and then set the combination to a number you remember.

Since I got one three years back I reckon I have used it around 4 times . . . . but if I had only used it once it would have been worth the money!