Induction Hobs

Why we wanted an induction hob

About a year ago we started thinking about going all electric.

We had previously gone from gas ducted air heating to reverse cycle units and installed photo voltaic solar panels.

After installing a heat pump hot water system the final stage was a kitchen refurbishment.

Although we liked the control ability of gas I had seen several good reports about induction cooking so we thought we would give it a try.

The Unit

We had a look around and found this white induction unit at Ikea for under $800 dollars.

For that price we got a high specification unit with several additional functions such as timers and bridging functions.

Our experience

After several weeks use we are very pleased with the hob, particularly:

  • It is more adjustable than gas.
  • It starts immediately, none of that trying to get the ring to light.
  • Minimal stray heat, it all goes directly into the pan.
  • Take a pan off the hob and it shuts down, it displays a ‘HOT‘ warning but its not really that hot.
  • It heats up our steel wok faster, and hotter than the gas ever did.
  • With the gas meter gone we are saving almost $6 a week in gas service charges.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this post and did not receive any other benefit or discount on the purchase of the hob.