Coffee Makers

I see some display homes with expensive built in espresso machines costing thousands.

I’m afraid I’m for the inexpensive, and easy life, so I am happy to use a Nespresso machine which cost me less than $200 (My milk frother came from Aldi)

Being a keen environmentalist I make a point of always returning the aluminium pods for recycling.

Recently however I have been using these ‘Green Ring TM‘  biodegradable coffee pods.

After use I throw them in my worm farm.

I just emptied the bottom tray of compost and though the pod still seemed intact in the compost it crumbled to dust as soon as I touched it, so they really are biodegradable.

I got these pods from STREAT a charity which I support.

Why not save some money with a basic capsule machine, with some biodegradable pods, and help the environment?