The House For Less Than $1,000

Perhaps not the sort of house you were thinking about. . . but these people in the Philippines are delighted with their thousand dollar house.

Only a few weeks before over 60 houses in their village were destroyed by a Typhoon.

The houses were smashed and flattened with scenes like this to be seen everywhere.

Disaster Aid Australia an Australian charity stepped up to help their Philippine partner Balay Mindanw respond to this major disaster.

The team on the ground assessed the damage and prepared a ‘shopping list of materials for the rebuild.

With AU$35,000 they managed to buy enough material to rebuild the 64 houses.

These were then delivered to the village.

As soon as they had the materials the villages set about rebuilding their own homes and you can see the typical result in the top picture!

If you want to find out more about how Disaster AId Australia helps people in developing countries in our region why not visit their website:


Brian Ashworth, owner of this blog, volunteers for Disaster Aid Australia.


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