Don’t Buy Daiken If You Need Service

In January 2017 we bought 2 Daiken Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners.

As you can only buy Daiken units from installers we bought the unit from StayCool Heating and Air Conditioning, from Hallam.

When Things Went Wrong

As winter arrived in April we switched the unit on to heat, and the circuit breakers tripped.

After the unit cooled we tried again and the circuit tripped again.

We then contacted the installers (StayCool) on three consecutive days from April 12th, until we finally received an appointment to check the unit: with a wait of a further 7 days.

The Day of the Service Date

The service guys arrived on site on 21st April and found the problem was a blown service board.

We were then told that they would be unable to fix it.

They would notify Daiken of the fault and we were told someone else would be around to fix it.

On the 26th April we got a message to make an appointment for today (4th May).

The Next Instalment

The service guy, when he arrived  said he was only coming to do an assessment, and would be unable to fix the unit.

This is inspite of StayCool advising us they had sent all the relevant information to Daiken.

At that time we had been 23 days without heating and no indication of when the unit will be fixed.


A serviceman from Daiken finally arrived on Monday the 10th May with the part and fixed the unit.

Two days short of a month from the first phone call!


Unless you are happy going without heating or cooling for weeks you need to think very hard before you buy a Daiken unit.






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  1. PP

    Not true. You can buy Daikin from online and retail outlets (like Camberwell Electric)

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