Large or Small

While houses are getting bigger apartments are getting smaller, typically apartments have shrunk by 17% over the last five years in Melbourne.

Getting Smaller

Flat screen televisions can now be mounted on the wall.

MP3 Players like I-pods/Smart phones mean your music collection is shrunk to a size smaller than a paperback.

Talking about paperbacks if you have a Kindle or other E-book reader a thousand books can be reduced to the size of one.

Thanks to kindles and I-pods you need less shelves.

The new standard for computers is the laptop or tablet computer 20% or the size of the old tower and monitor computer of 10 years ago. Perhaps you can also save on having a desk.

When I was small I had boxes and boxes of toys but now its all about the games console.

Getting Bigger

Kitchen Cupboards for all those kitchen gadgets you never use.

Although those flatscreen TVs take up less space because the screen size is so big you have to sit further away.

Room to use the WII

Reclining chairs take up more floor space than ordinary chairs.

The treadmill you never use but bought instead of taking a walk outside.

Do you need more space, or have you got too much room?


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