Laundries – The Latest Source Of Profit

laundryOver the years I have seen many builders put up many reasons for making houses bigger and more expensive. . . . which means more profit for them.

When they can’t think of another room then its how can they make a room more expensive.

A typical laundry used to be a washing machine, drier and a trough a bit like this.

Additional Costs

Some of the laundries I see these days are huge rooms with:

  • Built in cupboards
  • Stone counter tops
  • Expensive floor to ceiling tiles
  • Downlights

All this can mean several thousand extra dollars on the price of your house.

Yes is does look nice . . . but how many people are you going to be showing round the laundry?

Thanks to Maegan Tintari  for the photo which was on her Flickr page.