Dishwasher Noise

dishwasherMany of us get a new dishwasher when moving into a new house.

With some builders it’s included in an ‘Upgrade Package’

You might check on the energy rating and the water consumption . . . . but how many of us check how noisy it is?

With our last new house our dishwasher was fairly quiet . . . but with our current flat the dishwasher drowns out the TV!

Dishwasher noise may not be an issue if you have a ‘Butlers Pantry’ but most of us have the family TV near the kitchen area.


The preferred background sound level of a living room is 40dB (decibels) with increases in sound level of 3dB being apparent to the human ear.

My research has found the loudness of dishwashers commonly available in Australia ranges from 40dB to 55dB. (55dB is 3 times as loud as 40dB and will make quiet conversation difficult)

it is not unusual to see a difference of 6 – 8dB across the range of a single manufacturer so check carefully before you buy.

Just because your existing dishwasher is quiet doesn’t mean another model from the same manufacturer will also be the same.