Top reasons to give quartz benchtops a chance

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

Quartz has brought a revolution in the industry with its reasonable prices, huge variety of designs and patterns and stunning looks.

Granite and marble were always the excellent options in this respect, but Quartz has somehow taken over the monopoly and become one of the most popular benchtops.

You have a variety of choices to choose from which includes laminate, metal, granite, marble and wood.

If you are wondering what is so special about Quartz that you must even put a second of your thought into buying it, then here are five points to show you why quantum quartz in Melbourne makes a great kitchen benchtop.

1. Durability – Quartz is highly durable.
Quartz is one of nature’s strongest minerals.

The  combinations of 93% quartz with resins, provides an exceptionally hard surface which makes it a popular choice for households .

The will  be durable against chips, cracks, scratches and stains.

2. Non-porous
Another great trait of quartz stone is the fact that it is non-porous.

Non-porous materials do not get stained with any spillage and can be easily wiped or cleaned with detergent water to get rid of it.

However, quartz naturally is not stain resistant, but the type of polish and craftsmanship used on the stone makes a difference in its quality.

This factor allows the owner to use the benchtop for all sorts of cooking with every desirable ingredient without worrying about the after effects.

3. Variety of patterns and colours
Quartz is not completely a single piece of stone which means that it will not have a definitive pattern which cannot be altered or changed.

Quartz is made of resins which allow the manufacturers to modify the composition to design it in different patterns and varieties of colours.

Quartz provides numerous options in patterns, colours and designs which make it a more attractive option to be used for kitchen benchtops.

It also gives you the privilege of choosing a benchtop shade which matches the interior decor or theme of your house.

4. Worth your money
If you have to pay slightly more than a regular stone benchtop for an option which provides you with durability, versatility, style, heat and scratch resistance and various other benefits, will you be willing to pay for it?

Well, if yes, then quartz is certainly the best option for your household.

It provides you with a number of benefits at reasonable or a bit over the reasonable price which is worth the quality quartz is offering.

Not only will it look attractive and add a new feel to your kitchen, but it will also last for a longer time than what you might be expecting.

5. Easy cleaning
There is no requirement for heavy solvents, chemicals or specialised cleaning solutions to clean the surface of a quantum quartz in Melbourne.

Quartz comes with a durable surface which is stain resistant and therefore a regular detergent solution or washing with warm water can be used for cleaning all stains and spots.


A growing trend for quantum quartz in Melbourne has been observed over the past few years, for the reasons mentioned above.

Quartz has turned out to be the best and most popular stone benchtop option leaving marble and granite behind in the race.

Quartz is capable of inculcating elegance, style, beauty and uniqueness in your home decor.

For smart buyers, who focus on extracting as many benefits as they can from a material, quartz is the best option.