Mirror Splash Back, Yes or No?

The first time I became aware of mirrored splash backs was while watching ‘The Block’ a couple of years ago.

I’ve seen a few examples since then. . . . but would you have one?

When the question was asked on Houzz around 2/3 of the respondants said they love the idea.

Yes to a mirror

Mirrors do make spaces bigger and the reflection does give better light onto your stove and counters.

They also allow you to see someone behind you while you are cooking, good for keeping track of the kids, or just chatting with a friend.

No to a Mirror

The trouble with mirrors is they really show every speck of dirt or grease. . . I get into trouble from my wife when I am cooking and we have a tiled splash back with a mirror I would always be cleaning.

It’s not just the mirror itself, everything on the bench is reflected.

That means you see the dirt and crumbs behind the  coffee machines, mixers, etc so your going to be moving everything to clean the counter more often as well.


Overall I would be happy with a glass splash back but don’t think  a mirror is for me . . . . How about you?