Japanese Project Home

With my Japan trip continuing I was passing this Japanese display home in Kyoto and couldn’t resist dropping in to see the differences from Australian Display Homes.kyoto-display-home

The design is a ‘Modern Kyoto Machiya’ Design by LIV

It’s approximately 200sq m over 3 levels and would cost around 40,000,000 yen ($520,000 Australian) to build on your land.

kyoto-display-home-2The house is an attractive blend of ‘Western’ and traditional Japanese styles.

I find it very interesting as we are currently staying in a restored traditional Machiya House.

Although there are many rooms set up with what I would consider ‘Western’ furniture there is one room with traditional tatami mat flooring, a sacred alcove and low doorway. (I have discovered the reason for a low doorway is to encourage you to bow as you enter the room)

A great design for a narrow block as it can fit on a block 7m wide.