Outside Lighting

Why does the builders standard outside light fitting seem to be a floodlight?

In my view they are quite unsuitable:

  • A really harsh light, especially if you are looking towards it.
  • A fairly limited field of illumination, so you need 2 or 3 if you want all round light.
  • Typically high power use, although more modern LED floodlights are becoming available/

So what do I recommend?

Bunker Lights

I have found ‘Bunker Lights’ to be a great light source for my backyards.

This is the one in my current backyard.

I like them because:

  • They are inexpensive,
  • Give a soft 360 degree light,
  • Water proof,
  • Can be wall or soffit mounted,
  • Available in a range of styles;
  • and this LED example only uses 4 watts. (that’s $0.01 for an hours use!)

It replaced a 150 watt flood light that cost $0.4 per hour to run.

So when you go for your Selection Meeting don’t forget to specify bunker lights for your backyard/