The Hole In Your Ceiling

I was in a DIY store the other day and they had a display of extraction fans in front of a window.

It’s quite revealing how much of a hole is in your ceiling they make when you see it like this.

That means that a lot of your heat can be lost to your roof space in winter, even if the fan isn’t running.

In most houses there could be several fans like this in bathrooms and toilets.


What Can be Done?

One thing that can be done is install a draft stopping device above the fan.

The photograph at the bottom shows one of the units that are fairly readily available.

Safety Warnings

  • Some of the draft preventors are not suitable for mounting over the ‘3 in 1 Heat Light and Extractor” units so check the instructions.
  • Be very careful getting up in the roof space
    • Many insulation materials are an irritant.
    • Putting your weight directly onto the plasterboard will cause the material to fail and could lead to a dangerous fall.