Construction Stage 2 – Frame

DIGITAL CAMERAThis stage of the building is fairly quick but gives you a chance to get a feel for the finished house.

Framing usually starts a few days after the slab has finished. Sometimes frame erection may start the day after the slab has been laid. Although not ideal the load from the frame is fairly small compared with the loading from the brickwork and the roof covering.

  • Wall Frames Usually finished in two days for a single storey house although it may take longer for a 2 storey house.
  • Roof Trusses Usually will be completed in another day or two.
  • Roughing In Cables and Pipes Sometimes called first fix, this work involve fitting the cables and pipes that will be hidden behind walls such as;
    • Water Will involve running water pipes from entry point on the slab to all cold tap positions and hot water service. Lines will also be run from hot water service to hot tap positions. In the case of a solar hot water system with remote panels the lines between the hot water service and the roof panel location may also be run.
    • Gas Lines will be run from the proposed meter position to the site of all gas appliances.
    • Electrical In addition to running cable to all power locations steel backing plates for the power outlets are usually fixed to the frame at this stage. some data lines may also be run
  • Wrap
    The building is also wrapped with a plasticised paper wrap which helps protect the interior and insulation during the bricklaying.

It’s worth checking at this stage whether the plumbers and electricians have damaged the frames. Check:  Holes in Frames


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