Climate Change Protection

In the thirty years I have been living in Australia the climate seems to have changed. . . . . and not for the better.

  • More severe storms.
  • Worse Bush Fires.
  • More floods.

So how does this affect you when looking for a new home?

Well there are now some websites that provide some information about risk.

Here is one I tried out

This site claims to be able to give you information for any location worldwide.

Here is the summary of the (free) information for my current address

B means MODERATE RISK – Risk may lead to higher insurance costs.

The other possible results would be:

A LOW RISK – Risk may be insurable at reasonable cost.


C HIGH RISK – Insurance may be high cost or unavailable unless adaptation actions are undertaken.

You can also pay $400 for more detailed information.


Knowing the area well I would say the risk level seems reasonable.

If I was looking to buy again in an area I didn’t know I would certainly want to consider Climate Risk.


NB. I have no connection with and have not been paid for this post.