Choosing A Block

DIGITAL CAMERAThere are lots of things to consider when choosing a block.

My basic preference would be an East facing block on a court.

This gives the best orientation of the house and minimises passing traffic.

Here are some of the things, besides price, that I think about when I look at a block:

  • Will it fit the house I want to build? Remember that there will most likely be a 5m setback at the front and you will probably need at least 2m from the back fence to avoid building on the drains and sewers.
  • Does it have room for a caravan, or a boat.
  • Which way does it face?
  • Will there be enough room for a garden at the side? I don’t want the side windows on the sunny side looking out onto a fence 1m away!
  • Will it be overlooked or shaded by a 2 storey house next door?
  • Does it have a view?. . . . if it has is there a danger that the view will be blocked in the future?
  • Will it be noisy due to a busy road or railway?
  • Will children be able to play safely outside?
  • It convenient for shops, schools and public transport?
  • Is it above the level of the road (preferred) or below it?
  • Will it need additional excavation to get a flat site for the house?
  • Is there any danger of flooding? (I used to work in drainage so have seen a lot of houses flooded and am very careful about this).
  • Are the adjoining houses going to be Owner Occupier or Rented Out?

In order to make a choice within a reasonable time scale most people will have to compromise.

For example our last new house is West facing at the end of a court, it has a good view westwards, but gets lots of passing foot traffic. It’s a very wide block, 25m+, but below the street level at the front.

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