Construction Stage 1 – Base

DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough you don’t actually see much of the work that comprises this stage of the construction it has a significant impact on the completed house.

This work package can be subdivided as follows:

Site Set Up

  • Temporary Fencing. Most councils now require 1.8m high fencing of sites.
  • Power supply. Originally a temporary box on a pole at the start, These days installation may be delayed until slab construction and then the final box put in at the finished position.
  • Portable Toilet (Kenny’s favourite)
  • Silt barriers Only on sites where silt may be washed off site. Can be hay bales or a geotextile (like shade cloth) fence.


  • Site clearance Removal of topsoil, vegetation and any rubbish.
  • Initial peg out. To provide enough information to allow excavation works.
  • Cut and fill Providing one or more level ‘platforms’ that the house will be built on.
  • Retaining walls Any major retaining walls that are required to either support or retain the building ‘platform’. Other retaining walls will often be part of landscaping.

Drainage and Pipework

  • Building set out.
  • Site drainage.
  • Installation of under slab ducts and pipes,

Slab Construction

  • Any below base foundations such as Concrete Piers.
  • Laying of sand/gravel slab base.
  • waterproof membrane.
  • Erect slab forms.
  • Install waffle pods and reinforcement.
  • Cast slab.

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