Picturesque Potential

A Guide to Framing Your Holiday Photos

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight


The holidays are a time of love, fun and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Displaying these memories can make our house feel like a home and remind us of these times and what better way to display your holiday memories than hanging them on the wall?

Though framing pictures can seem rather daunting, there are many ways to make it simpler and fun.


Placement is key when hanging photos.

You don’t want them to be hidden away in a dark corner, rather, you want them placed to compliment the room.

Try hanging the photo in a well-lit area without much clutter, as we don’t want to overpower the room, just accessories it whilst displaying happy memories.

Frame choice

You want to pick a frame that compliments the room and the photo, whether that is large or small, simple or ornate,  etc.

Make sure the frame is the right size for each photo. For example, get an A3 frame for an A3 photo.

You have the choice of a ready made frame, or a custom picture frame.

There are so many options and choices to choose from, so just have fun!

Complement it, don’t overpower it

The photograph itself is where you want the focus to be, not the frame.

If you do choose to go a more complex route with your frame, you can find subtle ways to complement the photo.

For example, you might choose a textured frame that works to complement (but not detract from) the work.

A textured frame can provide a room and the work with more personality without overwhelming and add can accentuate the feel and style of a room.



Depending on whether your pictures are in colour or black and white, there are different frames and choices for each.

Colour photos give you a lot more to work with in terms of frame design – you can keep it simple, or you choose to play up the colour scheme of your photos with a complementary framing colour scheme.

With black and white photos, however, you’re limited to a greyscale colour palette.

That is, generally speaking, black and white photos work well with either black, white or silver frames


Matboards are cardboard surrounds for your photographs that come in an array of colours and can be as slim or as wide as you choose.

Photos are usually full of detail, and a matboard can provide a visual “breathing space” between the photo and the frame, this helps the frame design look balanced.

They also provide protection from the glass.

In humid environments picture frame glass can experience condensation which  can cause your photographs to stick to the glass permanently.

How to frame them

The holidays can sometimes mean a lot of photos and you have the choice of framing them all singularly or in a multi-window frame.

Whilst framing them all in a multi window frame is very convenient and perfect for larger rooms such as living rooms, they aren’t as moveable as singular window frames.


With so many creative options to choose from, you can really express yourself and display your holiday photos with style.

Framing these holidays memories should be fun and enjoyable but when in doubt, you can always ask professionals for help.