Furniture and Fixtures you can easily make at Home

Guest Post by Trent Anderson

The furniture and fixtures in your home should be personal; they reflect your taste and your personality.

Unfortunately some of the best pieces have price tags that may be above your current budget.

Fortunately this doesn’t need to be an issue!

You can actually make your own furniture and fixtures.
Not only will you have the satisfaction of creating your own unique furniture; you’ll also have the opportunity to help the environment by up-cycling materials.

All you need is the right tools which can be easily gotten from Tradeline tools; the necessary
materials and a little time.

Some imagination helps; you’ll be amazed at what you can create!

Pallet Chair

This is a great introduction to making furniture.

All you need is a few pallets; your local warehouse will probably be happy to give you some.

Then bolt one pallet to the back of the other at a 90° angle; use what supports you feel are appropriate to hold it in position.

You can leave it as a low chair, add legs or simply sit it on top of other pallets.


Your pallet chair or sofa will need a cushioned seat and a few cushions dotted round the home will add a delightful touch of color.

All you need is a piece of material large enough to make the cushion you want.

Sew it together on three sides and then fill it will foam.

You can then either sew the last side up or, if you’re feeling adventurous you can add a zip; allowing you to wash the cushion cover in the future.


This is one of the easiest projects you can do.

Simply use a new or old piece of wood and some shelving brackets to secure the wood to the wall.

You’ll need raw plugs and a spirit level.

You can personalize this by using an old skateboard or tree trunk to create the shelf and make it
more distinctive.


You can create a skinny table or a large one; all you need is some old table legs and a piece of wood, or even a surf board for the top.

The style, design and color are completely up to you!

Indoor Swing

This is a great fun and practical idea.

You’ll need some good quality rope that should be secured to your ceiling joist.

This should then be angled out on both sides and attach to a flat piece of wood as wide as the swinging chair you want.

Knot the rope and reed it down to the rear edge of the material and feed it through to the front before re-securing it to the wooden board.

Do this on both sides and you’ll have a delightful looking chair which is surprisingly comfortable.

Kitchen Island

Plywood is all you need to create a perfect kitchen island.

Simply create the box shape to the size you want and then cut door openings and add shelves.

Finish the kitchen island with a coat of paint and admire your handiwork.

There really is no limit to what you can make with a little imagination!