Nail Pops

‘Nail Pops’ are those irritating little bumps that can occur on your flat walls and ceilings after you have moved in.

Why Nail Pops Occur

Basically either the nail moves and the plasterboard doesn’t, or the plasterboard moves and the nail doesn’t.

There are a few reasons why pops occurs Including:

  • Movement of the wall frame.
  • Flexing of the plasterboard (particularly near junctions between walls and ceilings and wall corners)
  • Damage to the plasterboard when the nail was hammered in.
  • Too much adhesive when the plasterboard was installed. (As the adhesive cures it shrinks pulling the board towards the frame.

But what about the Builders 25 year Warranty?

As you will see in the above link it only covers the first 3 months

What You Can Do

If it is a single nail pop it can be easiest to remove the nail and fill the hole.

If there is a number of nail pops I would install plasterboard screws at least 50mm from the existing nails, then use a punch to knock the nail heads through the plasterboard, Unfortunately it does mean that you are going to do more filling, on top of the screws and also the nail holes.