Fast is Slow!

SlowWhen doing a DIY project for your new home, or even building your own house, you will often be doing a task you are not practised at.

At times like this I use a mantra “Fast is Slow, Careful is Fast.”

The faster you go the more mistakes you make

The more mistakes you make the longer it will take. . . and the more expensive materials will be wasted.

Plan the job.

Make sure you have got all the materials and tools you need.

Allow yourself more time than you think you will need.

Measure twice, cut once.

Be careful

Try not to make mistakes.

Don’t take risks! (Injure yourself and you could add weeks to the time)

Concentrate your thoughts on the job in front of you.

Don’t get distracted by the next job.

Keep your site tidy.

Put your tools down so you don’t have to search next time you need them.i

Make sure each part of the job is finished before you start something else.


Inspired by US Navy Seals – Close Combat Training:
“Fast is slow. Smooth is fast. Watch your fields of fire, pick your targets, aim center mass, squeeze the trigger. The faster you go, the more mistakes you make. The more mistakes you make the deeper in the s**t you will be. Be smooth. Try not to make mistakes. Be one with the battle yet transcend it. Float above the action, survey the scene, target immediate threats, and dispatch them with ruthless efficiency!”