Removal Costs

removalWe have just moved . . . .so I thought you may want some idea of current removal costs.

The Move

We were moving from an in Inner city apartment in Footscray to a retirement unit in Dandenong.

A distance of around 35km.

We used a professional removal company who provided a van with 2 men.

The Quotes

We got quotes from 3 companies based on hourly rates.

After some considerations we settled for a company we had used the last time we moved, 4 years ago,

Their base cost was $113/hour.

What We Did

Before removal day we bought/borrowed around 20 removal boxes and packed things like ornaments and crockery.

That cost us around $60.

We also moved around 3 car loads of the more fragile ornaments and our clothes before and after removal day.

The Costs

$791.00  7.5 hours . . . . The Actual Time from arriving until they left on completion

$56.50    0.5 hours  . . . . Travel time from Depot

$15.00   Road Tolls

$70.00   Materials (7 extra boxes, 5 rolls of tape, 2 rolls of wrap to protect 2 couches and fridge)

$932.50 Total to Removal Company.

With our costs you could probably add on approx $150 so …….Total Cost around $1,100.